• baechampagne

What Size Am I?

Have you ever wondered why you have two pieces of clothing that fit completely the same, yet are totally different sizes?  Your answer is production standards.  While scrolling through my closet, I began noticing the range of sizes it contained.  With this in mind, I went on a shopping trip just to see what a big difference there are between numerous brands.  For example, at one store I was an extra small in their camisoles, while at the store next door I was a size small.  It’s actually quite funny how much sizing can change depending on the brand, and the consumers that they’re providing for.  I notice this, especially with pants.  Brands tend to tailor their sizing around their consumer market.  The next time you are shopping, you may consider trying to find brands that are naturally tailored to your figure.  It’s entirely normal to be a variety of sizes, yet never gain or lose a pound.  This is just one of the many reasons size doesn’t matter.  If you feel confident in it, that’s the best fit of them all.


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